Helping You Make Choices

Helping You Make Choices

Pool Surface Selections :

3 leaders in surfaces all have

STANDARD : product is an EXPOSED AGGREGATE that is a white franklin cement background with flecks of quartz in either blue, teal , sand or black or a mixture of them .

MID GRADE ; Usually in array of colors and texture varies in pebble size
Standard - Florida Gem Products quartz #1 SKY BLUE
Mid Grade - Petite Pearl Finishes - pebbles and smooth polished rocks
Highest end- Florida Reserve - enhanced with glass beads
Standard - Marquis Finishes #1 MIAMI BLUE
Mid Grade - Freestone or Beach Series
Standard - Diamond Brite #1COOL BLUE
Mid Grade - River rock
Highest end- Glass series is called Jewels Series

Tile, Trim and Mosaic selections :

Most selections are on display for viewing at our office or send us a note of a few choices and i will see if we can get those dropped off to you to choose:

All products come with a 10 year warranty and pricing within cents of each other :
We are certified with all 3. Most are used interchangeably with each other .