Same female owner, same business name, same license number for over 19 years

(no reason to change a good thing)

Now that's assurance!

Welcome to Southern Pool Plasterers, Inc

Welcome to Southern Pool Plasterers, Inc

Southern Pool Plasterers, Inc. is a unique company in many ways. First we not only work for the leading builders in the industry but we also offer a services directly to home owners. We are owned and operated by a female owner which adds a little femininity to the care and control of the entire business.

Southern Pool Plasterers, Inc

Her business is very important to her but so is the industry - she stays very busy with learning new products, keeping up with laws and changes such as the new ansi 7-the suction entrapment system in commercial swimming pools - as well as doing fund raisers, with the drowning coalition and YMCA.

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  • Estimates, done by employee's not salesman. You have received a free estimate based on your desires and budget. But mainly on your pools needs not your market value!
  • No Mess, No worries...
  • Builder’s choice in finishing their newly constructed pools.
  • We are swimming pool contractors, only doing pool finishes and decks (as well as pool tile and coping) for new and existing swimming pools for pool builders as well as home owners, always have been always will be...this is not something we added, to our list of services.
Southern Pool Plasterers, Inc
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    Therefore we regret to inform you that we cannot fix:

    Your garage door, landscape your yard, fix your roof, add a kitchen inside or out, put out a fire, do the laundry, service the pool, ad storm windows, pour a driveway, install coolant to your air conditioner, sand blast your car parts, repair your mailbox, tile the bathroom or entry way or any other repairs or remodeling you may be looking for.

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    However we may be able to refer these companies that do the work.

    We are trained, licensed, insured, certified and experienced in pool and spa repairs. We perform and are treated as a team, not "family". Each employee has a specialty in what they do, our "plasters" well..., they plaster the pool, they are not draining it, prepping it , doing tile work or repairing the pump - that is all being done by an experienced employee that knows how to do those things, the first time. When it's time to plaster your pool ... you will get the plasterers. AMAZING!