No other company can resurface your pool better!
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Procedure for Pool Resurfacing

  • Draining the pool using our equipment.
  • Prep entire pool, cut and chip under the tile and remove hollow areas.
  • Bond coat pool. Bond coat is a special primer made by SGM to insure a rough surface for correct bonding of the new finish.
  • In some cases sand blasting is done which eliminates previous step.
  • Sand blasting is required if a pool has been painted or is fiber-glass. This insures bonding takes place and for you to receive your warranty from the manufacturer (sand blasting is subcontracted).
  • Two coats of your desired product and color.
  • Wash down pool, replace main drain cover and immediately begin filling your pool.
  • Water filtration tanks for city water is included. Start-up chemicals and stabilizers for a one time visit are included.
  • We also install waterline tile and edge coping. We offer a wide range of tile selection and color.
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